It’s a well-known fact that such a scenario happened to every person around us. The battery of phone turned down, and you find a way to reach for a phone charger and what you find is the cord is frayed. To avoid fraying, there are still many ways that can be adopted to avoid buying a brand new charger. Using either tape as well as embroidery floss to avoid the wear & tear is followed by many people but are these solutions reliable or not, we are going to discuss the hacks to keep charger safe.

HACK There is a single hack that is followed by every particular person by employing an old spring from the click pen along with a small piece of electrical tape and hence this hack is quite reasonable. First of all, wrapping one-inch tape around the lightning cord base and then attaching the spring that is removed from the pen, the open part of spring is circled the charger cord and then threaded on to the cord. It is vital not to skip the tape since the spring made up of metal produces more wear rather than normal over time and position of spring can also be varied.

Using Pen, Pliers, Heat Shrink Tubing and A lighter Trick

It is initiated by releasing the spring out of the pen and then stretching out one end of the spring to fix itself around the curvature of the charger. Pliers can be employed to serve this purpose and then winding the spring to circulate the cable completely. Heat shrink tubing is employed by slipping it over & above the spring as well as the charger and then lighter serves the need to heat the shrink tubing matches the spring and charger. This, being a simple hack, would then restrict the cord from breaking in any way.

Paracord Trick

Paracord is employed to serve the need by cutting it open and then removing the white strand. The lighter is employed to melt both the ends to avoid the cord from getting frayed, and after ending all this, the cable is supposed to be weaved to the cable or charger.

Bracelet Trick

Embroidery floss is employed to serve the need by cutting the floss in such a way that the floss is parted to match the cable four times of its original length. The floss is then tied towards the end part of the cable and bracelet is braided around the curvature of the cable to avoid any damages.

Reinforced Charger Cable

Anodized Aluminum heads are employed to serve the need by avoiding the risk of getting distorted. The connectors are guaranteed not to crush. On the other hand, the metallic wires that we generally use are not that reliable, and they do have the weakest link in the chain and thus breaks by the application of smaller force. Woven plastic exoskeleton covers the entire flexible cable towards the top that makes it safe and provides complete prevention from being struck or tangled up.


The colorful IFY protectors serve the best need to avoid the charger from getting distorted, hence thereby providing the brighter way to limit the damage. These protectors can be bought in the form of a set, and thus the cable protector makes it possible to prevent the charger from breaking open by covering the most volatile area of the charger. Their bright colors serve the need of discovering the charger when it is lost to cater to the low battery issue.

These are the hacks that help make your charger to live longer than before by avoiding all sorts of distortions or bending or fraying. It will also enable you to spend the greater amount of money to buy new cable or an adapter whatever the need is. You would be a unicorn if your phone charger is never broken or getting frayed up as the splitting cable along with wires appearing out or getting distorted is a very common phenomenon and very familiar tragedy.