Every person has a separate DNA which refers to different hair types for everyone. This difference of hair types brings in the need for different conditioners. There are so many conditioners to choose from that you may get confused and might end up using the wrong one for your hair types. Although conditioner is the forgotten half of the hair treatment process, if you use the right type of conditioner for your hair, you are guaranteed with positive and twice as much as effective results than shampoo.

Types of hair

Before we look into the types of conditioners, we shall discover the different types of hair and how to define your hair type. Few things that are needed to check before identifying your hair type are your hair texture, color, and thickness.

The following list defines some of the main hair types and their characteristics.

  • Volume: thick and fine
  • Treatment: natural and relaxed
  • Color: natural or dyes
  • Texture: curly or straight

Types of conditioners

Because there are different hair types, the need for different conditioners suitable to the required hair type was needed. A standard conditioner would not be nourishing your hair to the extent which the suitable conditioner for the hair type would. The list below shows some common conditioner types which are commonly used and their characteristics.

Instant conditioners

This type of conditioner is best for regular use and best for people with oily hair.

Cream-rinse conditioner

The conditioner is great for detangling and is commonly used for heat protection. This means you can use it for your heat and sun protection.

Deep conditioner

A deep conditioner boosts moisture and protein. It strengthens the hair strands and should be done after every week or 10 days.

Moisturizing conditioner

These types of conditioners, as the name suggests, boosts moisture and the hair elasticity. They also remove frizz

Protein conditioners

This type of conditioner is used for strengthening and rebuilding of damaged hair. They also contain moisture boosting element with their strengthening.

Your hair and conditioner

Once you have identified your hair type by looking into the texture, color, treatment, thickness, volume, and surface of your hair, you are ready to look for a conditioner that would suit your needs.

Weak hair

If you have weak hair, look for conditioners with arginine and soy.

Dull hair

Conditioners with natural oil as their ingredients are more commonly recommended for people with dull hair. Natural oils like moringa and macadamia provide shine to the dull hair.

Dry hair

Dry hair needs a lot of moisturizing to keep shine and look clean. A leave-in conditioner would be perfect for such hair type as it instantly relieves your hair from the dry air.

Oily hair

The worst thing to do for the creamy head is finding more oil to put on it.  People with oily hair should use a conditioner with soothing ingredients like a mint leaf which add moisture. A person with an oily head should regularly refresh his hair

Wavy hair

Wavy hair is very common, and if you are one of those people who have wavy hair, we might have the best conditioner for them. You should be looking for a conditioner that moisturizes your hair contains ingredients like flexible polymers which improve the texture of the hair.

Frizzy hair

People with frizzy hair only know the struggles during humidity and how it is an enemy to the hair type. Because of the pressure present in the atmosphere, the hair gets swollen, and the best conditioner for this case would be the leave-in conditioner.  This would protect all the strands and prevent humidity from encroaching.

Damaged hair

If your hair is damaged or has been over-processed and styled many times, it becomes brittle and damaged. The perfect conditioner for this case would be one with the chemical composition of keratin.

Curly hair

Curly hair is another hair type which many fear due to the constant maintenance and hard work. This hair type should be treated with conditioners containing the jojoba oil. This would provide with equal amounts of moisture and nourishment.