As citizens in the twenty-first century and of a global village, it is the right and duty of every individual to ensure that they play their role in making this world a more better and sustainable place. This goal is not limited in tasks and projects that are long-term, but also applicable to those who are minute and are relatively unnoticeable. However, just like it takes successive single steps to cover a mile, small and sustainable actions can result in positive changes in the long run. That being said, there are several factions of our day-to-day life which affect the environment around us — polyethylene bags, land pollution, etc. However, another major component of these is shampoo.

Several factors can cause bad and undesirable effects on the environment. Due to the prevalence of shampoo in our daily lives, they are virtually found in every corner of the world. Keeping that in mind, the adverse effects they carry are likely to resonate everywhere they are.

Plastic debris

A major concern for today’s generation is the extinction of oceanic animals. This includes everything from fish, turtles to aquatic birds that feed on these animals. Plastic debris, the leftover bottles, is in most cases not handled as they should be and often end up their way into the ocean. The little packages which are often thrown directly into open bodies of water end up being ingested by marine animals. Due to their inability to swallow these, the animal often ends up dying of suffocation. There are several incidents in which animals such as dolphins, turtles, and seagulls have washed up ashore with plastic stuck either in their esophagus or over their mouth.

The consequences of plastic debris in the ocean

There are several dangers and imminent threats from the presence of plastic in the ocean. First and foremost, it is predicted that the amount of plastic is set to increase by about tenfold in the next thirty years. The major reason why this is essentially an issue of concern for us is that marine animal cannot distinguish between food and plastic. Acting on general instinct, they try to eat anything that is similar to the food that they are biologically wired to detect. When animals ingest this, they often end up bloated but don’t have any energy in them to account for it. Their stomach is full of plastic, which does not allow them to eat anymore at all to satiate their hunger. This is the reason why they almost always end up dying.

The oceanic eco-system which includes coral reefs and underwater plants are also affected by this. For starters, plastics, in general, reduce the overall aesthetic beauty of the place. Furthermore, they also damage the skin of the corals and causes inflammations and infections. Since this happens repeatedly, the plants eventually die out.

How to do we make the world a better place?

As citizens, the first and foremost thing that we can do that can potentially affect the future is to educate the upcoming generation. Effective recycling and such techniques should become a household thing. However, this requires certain levels of backing up by the government and isn’t entirely something that can happen overnight since it takes a whole lot of dedication of commitment to overturning cultural norms in such a short amount of time. Furthermore, the usage of products that depends minimally on plastic should be promoted so that in the bigger equation, there is generally less plastic than before.

Here’s why Lush Shampoo is a better alternative for you

Reducing the usage of plastic, Lush Shampoo bars are a great innovation that has the potential to challenge the market and collectively change the game. Since there is no physical container involved, the likeliness of plastic debris is decreased significantly. By buying a Lush Shampoo bar, you’re contributing and doing your part in making the world a better place.

Lush Cosmetics believes that whatever product that they produce and the consumer uses, they are responsible for the environmental consequences of it. This is why they want to play their part in making our oceans cleaner and safer for marine animals, and this is a noble goal that we should all be a part of.