SolarMovie is an online streaming site where users can watch and view all the latest movies. The movies come in a variety of resolution and screen prints, which start from CAM to 1080P. The Cam print normally refers to the external recording of the movie via a third person. Additionally, 1080P is generally the final result which is normally the ‘official’ resolution of the movie. Furthermore, these movies are uploaded daily.

That being said, movies that are currently playing in cinemas are also uploaded frequently, given that there is a contributor. However, there are times when you might not want to use this site. This is subjective but can result due to several things. The server might be down; you’re tired of the interface, etc. whatever the reason may be, it’s always best to have a back-up plan and some alternatives. Keeping that in mind, here are the top 15 alternatives to SolarMovie!


Let Me watch this, like Solarmovies, is an online movie streaming site. The website presents several additional benefits and ease of use for the user. For starters, you can have access to all the movies there are on the server. To do that, you can further facilitate the process by applying any appropriate filter you think which is suitable. This means you can also find movies which you fancy in particular.

You can also rate movies as you go along. Additionally, let me watch this also has a suggestions tab which suggests you movies and TV shows based on what you previously watched. However, a minor downside is the advertisement that plays routinely. This keeps the service free for its users. The movies can also be downloaded for viewing at a later time.


MovieWatcher is famous amongst its users for a variety of reasons. For starters, this website is credited to have made the collective process of watching movies as easier as they could ever be. All the content on this site, which includes TV shows, Serials, Movies, and Sitcoms, are arranged in order of year, popularity and genres. The latest movies per year and submission are generally displayed on the homepage, which serves as the site’s main attraction.

However, you can also look for more interesting stuff if you click on the search tab on the top-right corner. You’ll have to create a free account to get access, but after that, it’s all easy. The streaming speed and the vast variety make this worth it and a good alternative.


WatchMoviesFree provides a wide variety of content that is often categorized by year and popularity. The site has a vast library which facilitates all types of genres, such as romance, thriller, action, and drama. The library is also constantly updated by the moderators so that the user never runs out of potential content.

The best feature of this site is that users don’t have to ‘sign up’ before availing any services. Additionally, you can also download movies for later usages as well. Nonetheless, there are a few things which can only be viewed after signing up. However, the whole process is collectively free, so you don’t have to worry about spending any money at all!


The intent behind TVBox was to provide users with an online community which can watch and commentate on movies as they go. TVBox has a very efficient search engine which enables users to find what they need as quickly as they can. This is due to the search filters which can be applied and the elaborate charts which can help them navigate. These charts can give users a rough expectation of what to expect and what not to.

Additionally, users can also view comments and feedbacks from other movie enthusiasts about the content they’re getting into. You can also download movies for later use. The website is free of cost and overall a good alternative!

Note: this service might be available under different names depending on where you’re viewing it from.


AllMovie hosts a huge library with movies of virtually all genres and backgrounds. To facilitate this, this site also has one of the strongest search engines there is so that users may easily maneuver within site to find the content that they like. AllMovie also provides other content, such as articles about films and actors, so that the user can have a more wholesome experience. Additionally, this also helps the user decide if they want to watch a particular movie or not. The website won’t cost the user anything and is great for watching movies that you enjoy!


The B in the aforementioned name stands for Blockbuster. Hence, this site intends to make Hollywood blockbusters available to the user without paying any fee whatsoever. No restrictions are applied, and users can search for the respective movie based on the filters they apply, such as country, genre, category, etc. new recent movies are also available, although the print isn’t that well. However, the moderators routinely update this. The interface of BMovies is also very interesting and appealing, making it a nice alternative for SolarMovie.


One of the top providers for online streaming of movies, YesMovies is also free for all users and provides the latest and best movies in the industry. The interface for this site is simplistic, making it easier for users to maneuver around. The streaming speed is also quite good, and the user is expected to face minimal to no lags.

There is a wide variety in the types of movies that are present here, such as Western, horror, thriller, and dramas. It’s safe to say that YesMovies has it all. Additionally, YesMovies also hosts a plethora of TV shows, which are available in different categories and ranked popularity wise. Overall, this site is quite good and using this under a good internet connection means you’ll be viewing virtually everything in the best resolution possible!


YIFY can be said to be the best alternate for SolarMovie. The interface for this site is quite simple and beautiful, making the collective process of browsing through different movies more appealing for the user. The best part of YMovies is that the entire library that they host can be accessed by the user for no charges and is free.

Unlike other sites, you literally would not have to spend any money. All you need is a decent internet connection. However, it should be noted that YIFY itself does not stream movies itself. This is normally done via the involvement of a third-party, such as torrents. This enables the user to download the content as well as easily.


Available in both English and German, this site contains a vast, elaborate library that combines the elements of both the aforementioned culture. You’re likely to come across content that you’re unfamiliar with, but that shouldn’t stop you from using this site. Most of the new additions and releases are displayed on the top.

Additionally, you can also search for and view the movies of your choice by searching for them in the tab on the top-left corner. However, there are a few downsides to this site. The site, overall, cannot openly compete with SolarMovie. This is due to its mere simplicity. The detail box, ironically, is not that detailed. Additionally, you also can not download movies for later usage.


HouseMovie boasts one of the biggest collections there is on any movie streaming site, with a library that exceeds 8000+ content divided into movies, TV shows, sitcoms, and other material. HouseMovie enables users to browse through their collection via the usage of keywords. These keywords are generally associated with movies which are similar. Additionally, you can also use filters and other search parameters when searching for a movie that you want to watch.

HouseMovie is also updated frequently so that users don’t have to wait long for fresh content.  Additionally, they also have a section devoted to articles and blogs, which discuss and commentate on new releases, providing movie buffs an online community they can befriend. The main feature, which gives HouseMovie an advantage, is that their interface is mobile-friendly. This means you can stream movies on your phone as well, without worrying about interface issues!


IOMovies is a suitable alternative for SolarMovie for a variety of reasons. To start, the interface that this website utilizes is extremely simple to go around and easy to use. This, coupled with intelligent design, means that users won’t have much difficulty when searching for movies they want, or just searching for content in general. IOMovies also provides the option for search parameters and filters, which enables the user to hand-pick movies from the present list displayed.

IOMovies is also a good alternative for users who are unsure of what to want. This is because IOMovies has a feature which includes movies reviews and rating, highlighting the merits and cons of the content. This can facilitate a new user on deciding if he/she wants to watch the movie or not. The website also provides TV shows, although not as plenty as movies.


RainerLand is an underdog in this elaborate list. This streaming site is not generally known of and is not that popular either. However, due to its efficiency and excellent service provided, RainerLand has warranted a spot on this list. The directory and library of this site are always kept fresh with frequent updates about new movies.

The interface is also easy to work with and can help the user choose or find a movie they like. Additionally, movies are not the sole domain of RainerLand. They also provide TV shows and sitcoms, which are conveniently displayed on the right-hand side of the screen, in parallel with the new movie release. The site also does not have as many advertisements as the others in this list.


123Movies is one of the most famous and versatile movie streaming sites there is. 123Movies provides users with new movies that are recently released as well as the classics. The site generally serves all of its content in HD. However, fresher releases might still not be that good in quality (Something the moderator attends to when a better resolution is available). 123Movies is also free of cost for the user, with minimal ads.

This means that you won’t have to spend a good margin of your time just waiting for the advertisements to pass. 123Movies also has one of the fastest and intense libraries there are, which includes movies, TV shows, Animes, Sitcoms, and documentaries. In all of these categories, there are further listings which conform to genres, such as horror, thriller, action, comedy, etc. The interface is quite simple and intuitive, making it easier for browsing the library. Overall, 123Movies is a very good alternative for SolarMovies.


BobMovies is an underrated streaming service provided which have a lot of benefits attached to it. However, the site does not attract as much traffic as other websites do. Nonetheless, this site is a good alternative for SolarMovie as well if you consider its merits. For starters, BobMovies has a vast library which features movies and films from a lot of different background and genres. These genres may include horror, thrillers, comedy, Western, Sci-fi, and many more. You can also filter your viewing by the country of origin for the movie, which means that you’re not a native English speaker, you can find foreign films as well.

BobMovies also has a Top 300 feature which categorically lists the top 300 movies which the users have watched. For someone who is confused about what sort of movie they should watch, this is a good list to refer to. BobMovies is also free for all its users and does not have any advertisement or hidden fee. Hence, if you’re looking for a good alternative for SolarMovie, this site will do just fine.


The last, but not the least, an alternative to SolarMovie is Putlocker. Putlocker specializes in providing their clients with the exact type of content they require. To begin with, the customer interface is easy to work with which means that users don’t generally have a tough time figuring out how to work around it.

Secondly, the latest and highly acclaimed movies are generally shown on the very top, just as the site loads. This also serves as a recommendation tab, since users are likely to be interested in the latest movies. The search engine at PutLocker is also optimized to present data with specific filters, such as year, ratings, and genres. Since the service is free, all you have to do is open the site and start watching.


The aforementioned list was presented after intense scrutiny and meticulous attention to detail. It should be noted that there are roughly more than hundreds of movie streaming sites similar to SolarMovie. However, the ones mentioned above are those that come quite close in functionality and versatility which is why they deserve mention.

In general, it’s best to highlight the intent of why you’re using an online streaming service. Some sites have content that is generally more explicit than the other ones. To elaborate, it’s best to think of it this way: there are a few sites you should generally refrain from if you’re giving the platform to your child to watch animated movies so that they don’t come across graphic content. Whereas if you’re using this for yourself, then you can virtually use whatever you want. Always remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Another factor that should be kept in mind is internet speed. This service solely runs on the internet. Hence, to avail the most of it, it’s best to invest in an internet connection that gives you ample speed so that you can bypass buffering and loading time. In the long run, this has the potential to save you a lot of time and energy, and will most definitely make this experience more wholesome.

It’s you and your interest. Choose whatever you may, and our team hopes that the list provided enough covers your plan for the night!

At one stage or another, we’ve all thought to ourselves that maybe spending money on things that you can do yourself is inherently useless. Why pay someone to do something you can do yourself? This argument is the most apparent when people talk about decorating the interior or the exterior of their house. And why not? The type of house you live in often reflects a part of your personality.

Furthermore, maintaining a good house often leads to a better price on the market if you plan to sell it. Nonetheless, if you’re doing it just for the kicks and want to make the most bang for your buck, look no further. Here are a few easy home improvements that you can do yourself for just under $100!

1)    Add a vintage entry lantern

The charm that a vintage lantern carries is that on initial inspection, it seems something out of a fairy-tale (especially in this generation). The antique charm and the simplicity of it reflect good taste and elegance, furthermore translating into a sense of culture and warmth. The chances are that you can manage to get a lantern for under $100 and the rewiring is something you can either call an electrician for. However, if you’re familiar with electronics, this is an easy task. The result is a classical entrance into your home, something right out of a Scott Fitzgerald novel.

2)    Freshen up the room with paint!

Painting doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a particular skill set to go on about this job. However, the importance of elegant strokes and fluid patterns cannot be underestimated when painting a bigger frame, such as a wall or a door. Pre-existing paint either fades or loses its charm after a particular amount of time. So if you’re looking to instill a look of ‘freshness’ and energy in your room, try out a new paint color that you feel you can vibe with the best.

3)    Install a water filtration system!

Nothing is more off-putting than the sight of plastic water bottles here and there. Thinking along the lines of good investment and caring for nature, a sustainable alternative is to install an under-sink water filtration system. This means you won’t have to worry anymore about bringing drinking water from the general store. All you need is a glass and tap water is the way to go!

4)    Interior shutters

Adding interior shutters on your windows has several benefits. First and foremost, it will prevent sunlight coming in, which often annoys people. Secondly, this will prevent people, such as neighbors, peeking into your house. Third, and most importantly, interior shutters reflect architectural awareness and simply put, look beautiful.  They add detail to the surrounding and reflect sophistication in something as simple as a window. It’s likely to cost you something around $100 but is a good investment nonetheless.


5)    Miscellaneous work

There are several small things you can consider that when combined will have a big impact on your general lifestyle and the way you see your house. These techniques and tips are those that you can either choose to do yourself or have someone do it for you.

  • Use a dirt-grabbing doormat. This adds elegance to the entrance of virtually any room there is.
  • Turn good closets into study spaces by unhinging the door and installing shelves that can function as desks.
  • Use wallpapers to decorate doors and furniture that are generally plain and look dull. Use those that are left after a bigger job.
  • Invest in plants. Trees in your backyard can serve a very important purpose if you live in cold regions, i.e. blocking brisk winds. Furthermore, they also freshen up the atmosphere in and outside your house.

6)    Reinvent your door!

The door is the first thing a guest comes face to face with when they visit your house. Hence, to start good, it’s best to create a friendly and/or aesthetic environment in the immediate vicinity. Paint the door a color that reflects the design of the house or your particular taste. This leaves behind an impression!

All of these would cost less than $100 and will add a new touch to your home.

Gifts giving to one another are considered an act of self-gratification, been a firm way to highlight the beauty of mutual relationships. It represents the art of caring for others or more specifically for the loved ones. It doesn’t necessarily demand any specific occasion or event to give a gift to someone; gifts can be given randomly to show affection for someone.

Been the most active part of a person’s life, a new phone (being the hub) is, therefore, the most suitable as well as the productive option for someone to buy a gift for the loved ones. Now moving towards the trickier part, the choice of phone, did you pick the right one or not. This is the most suitable season to look and buy an awesome technology for a family or a friend. The list is therefore prepared of the tried and tested mobile along with the relevant accessories. Depending upon the budgets along with the provided scenarios, the most suitable mobile phones appropriate for the fans are listed being the most suitable option to give as gifts.


Smartphones are trendsetters as they are effectively used nowadays on a large scale by the majority of the people all around the world. Consideration of splashing out on a suitable smartphone for a respective member to whom the gift is supposed to be given is the preferable option, therefore. So choose wisely,

Apple iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X proved itself to be something special, out of the box, in this session of stellar smartphones. With no monetarily concerns or you are looking for something the best of rest, then there is nothing wrong to opt this phone. With advanced features along with the beautiful OLED screen with a High Definition Camera and hence the lightning efficient performance enhance the brilliance of this phone and therefore the suitable gift to give.

Google Pixel 2 XL

All the respective individuals who prefer Android over iPhone, there is nothing better than Google very own Pixel 2 XL due to very advanced features with slick software along with such a beautiful design and served with one of the best cameras that one can observe in any phone; and hence thereby making it the other most suitable option to give as a gift.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

With the same attractive and seductive body curves possessed by Note 8 as one can find in Samsung Galaxy’s 8 but Note 8 has a comparatively bigger screen along with dual lens camera that is HD as well as efficient as well as very much advanced features add up to the brilliance of this phone; and hence thereby making it the other suitable option for someone to give mobile gift to his close person.

OnePlus 5T

With a great performance as well as brilliant design added up with a 6-inch AMOLED screen and a very brilliant camera that is reviewed as one of the best and hence many other extravagant features add up to the beauty of phone and hence make it one of the best option to give as a gift.

Huawei Honor 7X

Provided up with a big, edge to edge screen, along with an extravagant design as well as excellent, efficient camera and many more advanced features add up to the brilliance of this phone and hence thereby making it one of the best option to give as a gift.


When you desire to get some bigger screen than the phone that helps in either watching a movie or something relevant during your stay at home and either on a flight or a train; and hence thereby making Tablets a major pick when you are gifting something to someone, following are major top picks:

Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch

Added up with the highly advanced features that add up the standard of watching movies with such an HD results, Apple iPad can also be employed to replace laptops and hence thereby making itself the best option to give as a gift.

Amazon Fire HD 10

For Prime members, who want something to watch movies, browsing the web and net surfing, playing games on, etc. Amazon Fire HD 10 is the most suitable options for people with tight budgeted too. It provides the major advanced features to its users.

Every person has a separate DNA which refers to different hair types for everyone. This difference of hair types brings in the need for different conditioners. There are so many conditioners to choose from that you may get confused and might end up using the wrong one for your hair types. Although conditioner is the forgotten half of the hair treatment process, if you use the right type of conditioner for your hair, you are guaranteed with positive and twice as much as effective results than shampoo.

Types of hair

Before we look into the types of conditioners, we shall discover the different types of hair and how to define your hair type. Few things that are needed to check before identifying your hair type are your hair texture, color, and thickness.

The following list defines some of the main hair types and their characteristics.

  • Volume: thick and fine
  • Treatment: natural and relaxed
  • Color: natural or dyes
  • Texture: curly or straight

Types of conditioners

Because there are different hair types, the need for different conditioners suitable to the required hair type was needed. A standard conditioner would not be nourishing your hair to the extent which the suitable conditioner for the hair type would. The list below shows some common conditioner types which are commonly used and their characteristics.

Instant conditioners

This type of conditioner is best for regular use and best for people with oily hair.

Cream-rinse conditioner

The conditioner is great for detangling and is commonly used for heat protection. This means you can use it for your heat and sun protection.

Deep conditioner

A deep conditioner boosts moisture and protein. It strengthens the hair strands and should be done after every week or 10 days.

Moisturizing conditioner

These types of conditioners, as the name suggests, boosts moisture and the hair elasticity. They also remove frizz

Protein conditioners

This type of conditioner is used for strengthening and rebuilding of damaged hair. They also contain moisture boosting element with their strengthening.

Your hair and conditioner

Once you have identified your hair type by looking into the texture, color, treatment, thickness, volume, and surface of your hair, you are ready to look for a conditioner that would suit your needs.

Weak hair

If you have weak hair, look for conditioners with arginine and soy.

Dull hair

Conditioners with natural oil as their ingredients are more commonly recommended for people with dull hair. Natural oils like moringa and macadamia provide shine to the dull hair.

Dry hair

Dry hair needs a lot of moisturizing to keep shine and look clean. A leave-in conditioner would be perfect for such hair type as it instantly relieves your hair from the dry air.

Oily hair

The worst thing to do for the creamy head is finding more oil to put on it.  People with oily hair should use a conditioner with soothing ingredients like a mint leaf which add moisture. A person with an oily head should regularly refresh his hair

Wavy hair

Wavy hair is very common, and if you are one of those people who have wavy hair, we might have the best conditioner for them. You should be looking for a conditioner that moisturizes your hair contains ingredients like flexible polymers which improve the texture of the hair.

Frizzy hair

People with frizzy hair only know the struggles during humidity and how it is an enemy to the hair type. Because of the pressure present in the atmosphere, the hair gets swollen, and the best conditioner for this case would be the leave-in conditioner.  This would protect all the strands and prevent humidity from encroaching.

Damaged hair

If your hair is damaged or has been over-processed and styled many times, it becomes brittle and damaged. The perfect conditioner for this case would be one with the chemical composition of keratin.

Curly hair

Curly hair is another hair type which many fear due to the constant maintenance and hard work. This hair type should be treated with conditioners containing the jojoba oil. This would provide with equal amounts of moisture and nourishment.

It’s a well-known fact that such a scenario happened to every person around us. The battery of phone turned down, and you find a way to reach for a phone charger and what you find is the cord is frayed. To avoid fraying, there are still many ways that can be adopted to avoid buying a brand new charger. Using either tape as well as embroidery floss to avoid the wear & tear is followed by many people but are these solutions reliable or not, we are going to discuss the hacks to keep charger safe.

HACK There is a single hack that is followed by every particular person by employing an old spring from the click pen along with a small piece of electrical tape and hence this hack is quite reasonable. First of all, wrapping one-inch tape around the lightning cord base and then attaching the spring that is removed from the pen, the open part of spring is circled the charger cord and then threaded on to the cord. It is vital not to skip the tape since the spring made up of metal produces more wear rather than normal over time and position of spring can also be varied.

Using Pen, Pliers, Heat Shrink Tubing and A lighter Trick

It is initiated by releasing the spring out of the pen and then stretching out one end of the spring to fix itself around the curvature of the charger. Pliers can be employed to serve this purpose and then winding the spring to circulate the cable completely. Heat shrink tubing is employed by slipping it over & above the spring as well as the charger and then lighter serves the need to heat the shrink tubing matches the spring and charger. This, being a simple hack, would then restrict the cord from breaking in any way.

Paracord Trick

Paracord is employed to serve the need by cutting it open and then removing the white strand. The lighter is employed to melt both the ends to avoid the cord from getting frayed, and after ending all this, the cable is supposed to be weaved to the cable or charger.

Bracelet Trick

Embroidery floss is employed to serve the need by cutting the floss in such a way that the floss is parted to match the cable four times of its original length. The floss is then tied towards the end part of the cable and bracelet is braided around the curvature of the cable to avoid any damages.

Reinforced Charger Cable

Anodized Aluminum heads are employed to serve the need by avoiding the risk of getting distorted. The connectors are guaranteed not to crush. On the other hand, the metallic wires that we generally use are not that reliable, and they do have the weakest link in the chain and thus breaks by the application of smaller force. Woven plastic exoskeleton covers the entire flexible cable towards the top that makes it safe and provides complete prevention from being struck or tangled up.


The colorful IFY protectors serve the best need to avoid the charger from getting distorted, hence thereby providing the brighter way to limit the damage. These protectors can be bought in the form of a set, and thus the cable protector makes it possible to prevent the charger from breaking open by covering the most volatile area of the charger. Their bright colors serve the need of discovering the charger when it is lost to cater to the low battery issue.

These are the hacks that help make your charger to live longer than before by avoiding all sorts of distortions or bending or fraying. It will also enable you to spend the greater amount of money to buy new cable or an adapter whatever the need is. You would be a unicorn if your phone charger is never broken or getting frayed up as the splitting cable along with wires appearing out or getting distorted is a very common phenomenon and very familiar tragedy.

The London Book Fair is a worldwide book publishing event that takes place every year in Olympia, London. Now in its 47th year, The London Book Fair maintains to be the global marketplace for sales and distributing a variety of content across different channels such as digital and print media. In 2019, LBF (London Book Fair) will celebrate its 48-year anniversary. The London book fair is one of the largest book fairs held in the world, and this year it will begin on 12th March and end on 14th March 2019.


The fair started as a trade show for librarians known as Specialist Publishers Exhibition for Librarians (SPEX). It started on 5 November 1971 by Clive Bingley and Lionel Leventhal. Bingley wanted to provide small publishers a way to share their work with librarians. The first event was a success and Bingley, and Leventhal was desirous to make the event businesslike.

Development of LBF

The London Book Fair has expanded in size and gained importance over the years. More than 25,000 publishers, booksellers, literary agents, librarians, media and industry suppliers from over 100 countries now attend the fair, according to the figures given by Jacks Thomas, Director of the London Book Fair. Book publishers come to London to disclose their upcoming title and to sell and purchase insignificant titles from other publishers.

Aim of LBF

The London Book Fair focuses on displaying one specified country each year, with the aim to promote publishing trade with that country and to provide opportunities for administrating business with rest of the world. The new focus is the attention of video games that started in the year 2015. With the evolution of digital technologies, many authors and publishers are finding new ways to present their stories and attract their readers. With the help of video games, the reader will gain more knowledge.

The Event Itself

There are various activities during the event. Business meetings are arranged between publishing companies, the disclosure of titles for readers and visitors, distribution of prizes and awards, and many workshops.

LBF Storybook

Each year LBF makes its storybook. This storybook contains all the information about the event. You can consult it to know all the details about the event.

Book your Stall

At the London Bookfair, you can book your stand. Whether you want to advertise your brand, generate new business leads or widen up your business network. The London Book Fair can boost your business and put you on top to build more brand awareness.

This year’s Motto

This year’s motto of the London Book Fair is “Making words go further.”  With over 250 seminars and events held during the book fair, companies and publishers will surely help to achieve the motto for this year.

Statistics of the previous book fair

Being one of the largest book fairs in the world, London Book Fair witnessed:

  • 2320 stand holders from 56 different countries
  • 25,000 attendees from 135 different countries
  • 13,000+ visitors from 118 countries
  • Social media reach encompassed 2.3 Million
  • LBF trended on Twitter for four days during the event
  • Followers crossed 50,000 marks during the fair

Who visits?

London Book Fair is a large-scale event which can be attended by everyone, but mostly the following people come to witness the event

  • Authors
  • Buyers
  • Booksellers
  • Publishers
  • Distributors
  • Licensing and merchandising
  • Literary agents
  • Translators
  • Investors
  • Tourists


London book fair is a very large book fair which is held every year, and people from all over the world come to visit and experience the book fair. This year features a special objective for the event which is ‘making words go further,’ and all sorts of people would come which would help turn this motto into a reality.

The main objective of this year’s book fair is to make the readers, authors, publisher and the distributors come to the same level and increase their knowledge regarding the importance of book reading and the value that words bring in one’s life. This year’s book fair would be like no other book fair with loads of experiences and knowledge to gain from.

As citizens in the twenty-first century and of a global village, it is the right and duty of every individual to ensure that they play their role in making this world a more better and sustainable place. This goal is not limited in tasks and projects that are long-term, but also applicable to those who are minute and are relatively unnoticeable. However, just like it takes successive single steps to cover a mile, small and sustainable actions can result in positive changes in the long run. That being said, there are several factions of our day-to-day life which affect the environment around us — polyethylene bags, land pollution, etc. However, another major component of these is shampoo.

Several factors can cause bad and undesirable effects on the environment. Due to the prevalence of shampoo in our daily lives, they are virtually found in every corner of the world. Keeping that in mind, the adverse effects they carry are likely to resonate everywhere they are.

Plastic debris

A major concern for today’s generation is the extinction of oceanic animals. This includes everything from fish, turtles to aquatic birds that feed on these animals. Plastic debris, the leftover bottles, is in most cases not handled as they should be and often end up their way into the ocean. The little packages which are often thrown directly into open bodies of water end up being ingested by marine animals. Due to their inability to swallow these, the animal often ends up dying of suffocation. There are several incidents in which animals such as dolphins, turtles, and seagulls have washed up ashore with plastic stuck either in their esophagus or over their mouth.

The consequences of plastic debris in the ocean

There are several dangers and imminent threats from the presence of plastic in the ocean. First and foremost, it is predicted that the amount of plastic is set to increase by about tenfold in the next thirty years. The major reason why this is essentially an issue of concern for us is that marine animal cannot distinguish between food and plastic. Acting on general instinct, they try to eat anything that is similar to the food that they are biologically wired to detect. When animals ingest this, they often end up bloated but don’t have any energy in them to account for it. Their stomach is full of plastic, which does not allow them to eat anymore at all to satiate their hunger. This is the reason why they almost always end up dying.

The oceanic eco-system which includes coral reefs and underwater plants are also affected by this. For starters, plastics, in general, reduce the overall aesthetic beauty of the place. Furthermore, they also damage the skin of the corals and causes inflammations and infections. Since this happens repeatedly, the plants eventually die out.

How to do we make the world a better place?

As citizens, the first and foremost thing that we can do that can potentially affect the future is to educate the upcoming generation. Effective recycling and such techniques should become a household thing. However, this requires certain levels of backing up by the government and isn’t entirely something that can happen overnight since it takes a whole lot of dedication of commitment to overturning cultural norms in such a short amount of time. Furthermore, the usage of products that depends minimally on plastic should be promoted so that in the bigger equation, there is generally less plastic than before.

Here’s why Lush Shampoo is a better alternative for you

Reducing the usage of plastic, Lush Shampoo bars are a great innovation that has the potential to challenge the market and collectively change the game. Since there is no physical container involved, the likeliness of plastic debris is decreased significantly. By buying a Lush Shampoo bar, you’re contributing and doing your part in making the world a better place.

Lush Cosmetics believes that whatever product that they produce and the consumer uses, they are responsible for the environmental consequences of it. This is why they want to play their part in making our oceans cleaner and safer for marine animals, and this is a noble goal that we should all be a part of.

The number one concern for a tourist or a traveler is their health. Many times, your body can not adapt to the changes in the new city or country where you are traveling to, and you fall sick which then ruins your entire trip.

So many people ask this question about staying healthy during traveling, road trips, and flights. Getting sick and nauseous in an airplane or on a road trip is a common trait and happens to every one of us at least once in a lifetime.

Getting sick is nothing unusual especially if you are traveling to a new place with climate change, food and water quality differences and new types of bugs and parasites. The more traveling you do, the more chances you have to pick up a bug or two. We all are aware of how being sick on a holiday trip ruins the entire plan, and therefore we will provide you with some genius hacks and tips to avoid getting sick during a holiday vacation and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Afterall ‘prevention is better than cure.’

Wash your hands regularly

Although this sounds very basic, it has a drastic effect on your health and is advised for the travelers to keep soap with them everywhere for their use only. It can help you prevent many diseases and avoid getting the harmful bacteria into your mouth.

Drink bottled water

While you are traveling to a different place, you can not be sure of the water quality and whether your body will adapt to the changes or not. Hence it is beneficiary for the tourist to always keep standard bottled water with him to avoid getting sick.

Waterborne diseases are very common while traveling and can often induce stomach pains and food poisoning. The traveler should stay hydrated and ensure the seal of bottled water as well.

Eating clean and fresh food

While traveling, your health should not be compromised in any conditions. Eating contaminated foods can cause many diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and many more. You should only eat food that is freshly cooked and hygienic. This does not prevent you from eating street food, but it simply means that you should keep a look at the quality of food and the products being added to the food. Many times, the food is being prepared in front of you.

Also, do not be afraid of having food that seems familiar. We know how fascinating new experiences can be, but you can always compromise them for your health. Having frequent meals helps your body digest the food with more ease, and your body reacts to it normally which lowers the risk of getting sick.

Stay active and exercise

The most common way to stay fit and in shape is by staying active and exercising regularly. If you are at a place with some mountains, find a nearby trail which you can explore while being active. This improves your health and strengthens your immune system which fights off your harmful germs preventing you from falling sick. You can always run and explore the place from a new perspective.

Protect yourself from sunburn

Sunburn can ruin your trip badly. You should take all the required steps to prevent sunburn and apply some sun screening before stepping out in a hot and tropical place. Also, you should stay completely hydrated as it lowers the risk of being sunburnt and also prevents many diseases.

Protecting yourself from mosquito bites

Mosquitoes kill more humans in a day than a shark does in a century. This does not mean to scare you, but it simply means you should take certain steps to avoid getting bit by a mosquito. Some countries and areas have very deadly mosquitoes which can transfer diseases such as:

  • Malaria
  • Dengue
  • Chikungunya
  • Yellow fever
  • Tularemia
  • Encephalitis
  • Ross River fever

And many more.

Some common ways to prevent a mosquito bite is by surrounding yourself by a net before sleeping and spraying the room properly. Also, don’t forget to apply repellant creams and sprays on yourself before stepping out of your residence.

Herbs and Spices are the gifts of nature, have been serving humans for thousands of years in supporting health and now science is working to meet with traditional wisdom too. As the seasons start to shift, boosting defenses through cooking fresh and dried Herbs along with Spices is observable. They are an original version of pills, and chemical potions gifted by nature and are more like powerful healing nutrients concentrated medics.

Followings play the most productive part in healing the body naturally:

  1. Tulsi- Ocimum Tenuiflorum

Tulsi is the Indian word used for reference for Tincture that can be recently discovered quite easily with producing wonderful results. Tulsi serves the purpose of rejuvenation of immune boosting as well as helping the body to restore the negative reaction to all the free stress along with removing fluoride contents from water and thereby producing wonderful impressions onto the adrenal glands as well as cardiovascular and nervous systems. It is also anti-fungal and therefore can be served to deal with the candida overgrowth.

  1. Saffron – Crocus sativus

A spice derived from the flower Crocus Sativus and is the most important antioxidant that plays a vital role in protecting the body from the various oxidants based induced stresses as well as cancers along with infections and therefore serving as immune modulators. In traditional medicines all around the world, they are believed to possess a large number of therapeutic applications as they can play as an antiseptic as well as antidepressant and anti-convulsant.

  1. Turmeric – Curcuma longa

Belonging to a Zingiberaceae ginger family that is native plant can be found in the southwest of India and demands a temperature of around 20 to 30-degree centigrade to thrive along with annual rainfall. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties that play a positive role onto the liver and therefore helping to maintain a stable life by fighting against digestive issues and make the stomach feel good again. It is suggested to mix a fresh or dried Turmeric teaspoon into around 30 ml of water that should be kept warm, and sweetener can also be added (depends), and in more tropical climates, towards the end, it should be allowed to grow up.

  1. Cumin seeds – Cuminum cyminum

It is evident from the research that they play a vital role in stimulating the pancreatic enzymes secretion, compounds that are useful for proper digestion as well as nutrient assimilation. They also have anti-carcinogenic properties and also have scavenging abilities of cumin’s potent. They also help in increasing the enzymes for detoxification of the liver and therefore have many ways to heal corresponding to how effective the liver is while detoxing, hence producing healthier results.

  1. Cinnamon – Cinnamomum

It helps in controlling blood sugar by taking a limited amount of standardized cinnamon (1 gram often) that is extracted daily or for high cholesterol it can be increased to 6 g daily. Besides this, it is observed to have a great response to stomach as well as a nervous system too, and it can dry up Mother’s milk too. The tincture is very productive for heavy periods as well as absent periods too and has been employed to flavor and assist other drugs in West and is very useful to defend diseases like diarrhea, nausea as well as vomiting and hence thereby relieving flatulence.

  1. Rosemary – Rosmarinus officinalis

Helps in preventing the brain aging and against cancer it is proved to be the significant defense as it is evident from the research and researches show that they help in protecting our DNA against free radical damage. It helps in preventing breast cancer too, reduces swelling and skin damages.

  1. 7. Ginger – Zingiber officinale

It’s a very powerful antioxidant that helps in stopping the free radicals production and in decreasing the blood pressure when it goes too high. It is also useful in the prevention of cancer as well as arthritic pain (anti-inflammatory) along with regulating blood flow.

  1. Sage – Salvia officinalis

It helps in producing a very useful treatment for menopausal, or when you have to deal with menopausal hot flushes as well as excessive sweating. It helps in whitening your teeth and helping in calming the nerves as well as aiding healing burns along with improving liver issues, kidney stones, gallstones, mouth lesions, etc.

Apple launched its new iPhone this year in September. This is the twelfth (12th) edition of the iPhone known as the iPhone XR. The iPhone XR features a 6.1-inch LCD with a starting price of USD 749.

But the specialty of the new iPhone is not the price or the screen resolution. It is the newly designed camera featured in the phone. The camera is brilliant in every way and has a breakthrough system like no other phone camera. The camera defines a new era of photography. The iPhone XR has a camera with an innovative sensor that works with the ISP and neural engine to create photos with extra details like never before.

What’s new?

Everything about the iPhone is completely new with the most emphasis on the camera. Here are all the specifications about the new cameras.

  1. Main camera
  • 12 MP
  • f/1.8mm
  • 26mm wide
  • ½.55”
  • 4µm
  • OIS (Optical Image Stability)
  • PDAF (phase-detection autofocus)
  • HDR
  • Quad LED
  • 2160p (24/30/60fps) 1080p(30/60/120/240fps) HDR
  1. Selfie camera
  • 7MP
  • f/2.2
  • 32mm
  • HDR
  • 1080p (60fps)

The iPhone’s camera has always been of a good repute, and the iPhone XR     is no less. The output of the camera is brilliant and captures the smallest details with the best colors.

The photo

Although the other phones released with the iPhone XR features dual cameras, the iPhone XR has one single camera which has an outstanding output. The phone can shoot photos in portrait mode with one single camera as well. This is the first time you can shoot in portrait mode without the need of a second lens.

The smart HDR gives the camera the ability to produce high-contrast photos and bright, colorful photos in low-light.

Like all the good expensive cameras, the camera of iPhone XR has nearly zero shutter lag which helps in capturing detailed and well-exposed photos with strong colors.

Portrait mode of iPhone XR

The greatest and ground-breaking thing about the new iPhone is the ability to shoot in portrait mode without having a secondary lens. Although the portrait mode works only on people and not on objects, it is still stunning to see the results. The XR’s camera is engineered to recognize only faces of human beings. The camera uses artificial intelligence and is trained to work efficiently on faces. This is the reason why the camera is capable of pulling out such detailed photos with accuracy.

How does it work?

Portrait mode is a feature that allows users to take more in-depth and detailed photos of objects and humans by blurring the background. This is also known as the DSLR effect of bokeh mode. Users typically shoot in portrait mode from the iPhone to take it to the DSLR level by focusing only on the subject and blurring the background. This works efficiently on the new iPhone XR’s superior single camera lens and artificial intelligence.

With the help of artificial intelligence and advanced software, the iPhone mimics a bokeh effect by using faster aperture and recognizing the faces. The lighting and depth of field are taken into account to create a photograph that has a blurred background which is similar to the DSLR photos.

This not only adds beauty to the photo but also details and aesthetics. Phone cameras are now more common than ever, and the iPhone XR is an easy alternative to expensive cameras. The capabilities of software and hardware of mobile phones are increasing at a much faster rate than the traditional cameras. Features like portrait mode of the new iPhone XR combined with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and low light intelligence is something that is not present in the classic cameras.

The difference of a high-quality camera and the iPhone XR’s camera is hard to differentiate unless you put them together for comparison. Although the big cameras will always have their position, the new phones are equally competitive with High Definition picture quality and features.