Several factors can contribute to an overall unpleasant sense in the house you live. Ill-groomed pets, leftover food, dirty socks, you name it. Things like these only change when there is a resolute change in lifestyle. For most of us, that isn’t an immediate option, and we want to make our house smell better instantly. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to have guests over soon or you want to drown out a distinct aroma, cleanliness if an attribute that every person should have. Here are a few tips and tricks you can employ to ensure that your home never smells bad ever again!

1)    Open all your windows!

This is as old-school and as classic as it gets. It’s simple science. Open all the windows and let fresh air in for further emphasis, open windows in several rooms. This will let air flow from one corner to another and create a breeze. If there’s no wind outside, it is recommended to turn on the ceiling fan.

2)    Smoke it out

Candles and incense are great remedies for bad smell in the house. You can use several of these to literally ‘smoke’ the smell out of your house. However, few precautions should be accounted for. Don’t use them in the kitchen because the mixture of the smell of incense and food will create a general aura of distaste which is likely to put off your guests as much as it is likely to put you off. Furthermore, when using incense, ensure that they all are of the same type. This is to ensure that the smell complements each other rather than leave a nauseating odor behind.

3)    Use greenery

Plants produce oxygen. Use that to your advantage. Invest in plants that can survive indoors in the absence of direct sunlight. The main advantage of these is the production of fresh oxygen right in front of you, which is likely to tackle the bad fragrance lingering around. Additionally, these also beautify the place, and their strategic placing can enhance the aesthetics of your house’s interior structure.

4)    Cook something delicious!

The aroma of baked goods is universally appreciated. This is why bakeries are often rated based on the general ambiance and the aroma. To replicate the same sensation, bake something you like and open your windows. As fresh air comes in, the smell of the oven will replace the bad odor and leave your house smelling of cookies and cake!

5)    Look after your pet

Generally speaking, pet animals such as dogs and cats are notorious for leaving their scent wherever they live or reside in — Furthermore, their sleeping spots and places that they spend most of the time in end up smelling just like them. To prevent your house smelling like one of your cats, ensure that any laundry associated with your cat is cleaned out before it gets too dirty and has to be thrown out. The same goes for your dog.

6)    Clean the laundry

Dirty laundry leaves behind an aroma that is suffocating and can ruin the atmosphere of the house. Dirty clothes are often soaked with pollutants and sweat. The mixture produces a smell that has a very unpleasant effect. Hence, make sure that your laundry and dirty clothes never pile up and are cleaned before things get out of hand!

7)    Take out the trash!

This should be done regularly and on a daily basis. If feasible, it should be done every night before going to bed. The reason for that is that the smell can accumulate over-night and by the time you wake up, it’s usually too late, and the clean-up can take a while.

8)    Make a potpourri!

One of the most efficient ways to go, making a potpourri is easy and doesn’t require much. Boil water on a stove and while doing so, add products and natural organic materials that smell nice, such orange peels or cloves. The steam produced will smell like the product added and will purify and replace the stagnant air that was there before.