At one stage or another, we’ve all thought to ourselves that maybe spending money on things that you can do yourself is inherently useless. Why pay someone to do something you can do yourself? This argument is the most apparent when people talk about decorating the interior or the exterior of their house. And why not? The type of house you live in often reflects a part of your personality.

Furthermore, maintaining a good house often leads to a better price on the market if you plan to sell it. Nonetheless, if you’re doing it just for the kicks and want to make the most bang for your buck, look no further. Here are a few easy home improvements that you can do yourself for just under $100!

1)    Add a vintage entry lantern

The charm that a vintage lantern carries is that on initial inspection, it seems something out of a fairy-tale (especially in this generation). The antique charm and the simplicity of it reflect good taste and elegance, furthermore translating into a sense of culture and warmth. The chances are that you can manage to get a lantern for under $100 and the rewiring is something you can either call an electrician for. However, if you’re familiar with electronics, this is an easy task. The result is a classical entrance into your home, something right out of a Scott Fitzgerald novel.

2)    Freshen up the room with paint!

Painting doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a particular skill set to go on about this job. However, the importance of elegant strokes and fluid patterns cannot be underestimated when painting a bigger frame, such as a wall or a door. Pre-existing paint either fades or loses its charm after a particular amount of time. So if you’re looking to instill a look of ‘freshness’ and energy in your room, try out a new paint color that you feel you can vibe with the best.

3)    Install a water filtration system!

Nothing is more off-putting than the sight of plastic water bottles here and there. Thinking along the lines of good investment and caring for nature, a sustainable alternative is to install an under-sink water filtration system. This means you won’t have to worry anymore about bringing drinking water from the general store. All you need is a glass and tap water is the way to go!

4)    Interior shutters

Adding interior shutters on your windows has several benefits. First and foremost, it will prevent sunlight coming in, which often annoys people. Secondly, this will prevent people, such as neighbors, peeking into your house. Third, and most importantly, interior shutters reflect architectural awareness and simply put, look beautiful.  They add detail to the surrounding and reflect sophistication in something as simple as a window. It’s likely to cost you something around $100 but is a good investment nonetheless.


5)    Miscellaneous work

There are several small things you can consider that when combined will have a big impact on your general lifestyle and the way you see your house. These techniques and tips are those that you can either choose to do yourself or have someone do it for you.

  • Use a dirt-grabbing doormat. This adds elegance to the entrance of virtually any room there is.
  • Turn good closets into study spaces by unhinging the door and installing shelves that can function as desks.
  • Use wallpapers to decorate doors and furniture that are generally plain and look dull. Use those that are left after a bigger job.
  • Invest in plants. Trees in your backyard can serve a very important purpose if you live in cold regions, i.e. blocking brisk winds. Furthermore, they also freshen up the atmosphere in and outside your house.

6)    Reinvent your door!

The door is the first thing a guest comes face to face with when they visit your house. Hence, to start good, it’s best to create a friendly and/or aesthetic environment in the immediate vicinity. Paint the door a color that reflects the design of the house or your particular taste. This leaves behind an impression!

All of these would cost less than $100 and will add a new touch to your home.