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Two of the main reasons that couples go for destination weddings are: beautiful location and cheaper option. Beautiful location is always achieved in this option because the ceremony is usually hold in gorgeous spots like beaches, gardens, bays, or mountain tops. Because the area is already marvelous, costs for decorations, flowers, and the likes are then lowered, making it a good option for those who like to have a beautiful wedding venue sans hurting their pocket. Nevertheless, you can only save at destination weddings if it’s situated within your reach. Hence, if you are in Webster, there is no fuss because it takes pride of its numerous places to choose from when longing for destination weddings.

Webster County, Fairgrounds – Destination weddings need not be lavish to be beautiful and Webster County Fairgrounds near Fort Dodge in Iowa proves it. The place offers rentals for facilities, equipment, and venues for any occasion including wedding ceremonies. It is already equipped with tables and chairs, sound equipment, clean restrooms, and incredible lighting facilities to keep each event memorable and organized. It also has heated and air conditioning facilities to keep all of your guests comfy. Its East Side can hold up to 350 people for $400 per day while its bigger West Side can accommodate up to 500 heads for $500 per day. Great outdoor landscapes, tidy and organized equipments, efficient staffs, and affordable price, are the main offers of Fairgrounds.

Whitestone Wedding Chapel, Wesbter County– No matter what your belief is, let Whitestone Wedding Chapel bind you and your partner in marriage. Chapel ministers are open to handling wedding ceremonies for couples coming from different religious sects like Anglicans, Republicans, Lutherans, etc. and it also has an on-site consultant to aid for easier processing. Although the place is somewhat small as it can only hold about a hundred persons, it is likely for an intimate holy matrimony that’s serene and calm; thanks to its lush surroundings.

Mountain Parkway, Webster County – Wedding destination is never one without gorgeous destination wedding dresses and breathtaking sceneries to match it. At Mountain Parkway, there is a wide plethora of choices when it comes to the venue; excited hush of waters in the rivers, beautiful harmony of red, yellow, green, and brown leaves in some trails; and falls that never fail to entice couples and guests. While these are great places to tie the knot, the perfect site should be considered carefully since it’s kind of a spot in the jungle sans the beasts. Such factor is vital, especially if you want your girls to wear embellished and long bridesmaid dresses.

Things to Do in Webster County

Webster Country

to doWebster County is settled in a mountainous area. If you want to get rid of the busy street and tiring surroundings for quite some time, this will be the best place to have a vacation. This is a quiet place where you can still hear chirping of birds and other sounds of animals that remind you of solace. It has a scenic view and the freshest air you can breathe. Technically, it’s a heaven in the suburbs.

There are several lodging houses in the area for a good night sleep after a long travel in the road. You can have several options depending on your budget. If you are on a tight budget you can have your tent or camper parked in a prescribed area. A motel room can also be a comfy place to stay. If you’re with a bunch of vacationers, a countryside house will be preferable.  There are also restaurant and eatery you can select upon in the center of the county. It comes in different menus. If you’re fed up with the sophisticated and extravagant palate you’ll probably love a restaurant in this place which serves home-cooked taste. On the other hand, if you are in a rush and just want a quick bite of a burger before heading to your terrain—there’s also a food stall down the road.

With its rich natural resources, you can bring about your adventurous side. Play with the different kinds of natural terrains with your bike or even join Bike tournaments every now then. Moreover, this activity will help you’re you healthy and active especially that it is done in a very fresh atmosphere. Aside from biking, you can also try running or hiking in the forest for lesser risks most preferably to old aged fellows. For extreme sports, there are also areas which they hold MX racing. The county still has large vacant lands perfect for the terrain of MX racing. Furthermore, several hunting associations are existent in the area which can provide proper guidelines to the hunters. You can also go fishing in the river. There are Golf courses in the place wherein golf enthusiast can surely enjoy.

There is no doubt that fun and challenges never stop in Webster County. It may not be as bustling as the city life or as wild as the metro spots, but surely, it can offer distinct and refreshing activities that we all want to experience in this lifetime.


Reasons to Live in Webster County

Webster Country

les-mis-poster-main-630x350Not most of us know a thing about Webster County. Webster County is a small yet peaceful community in the United States that homes quite a number of thriving families. If living in Webster County ever crossed your mind, here are more reasons to push you even more in transferring to this place.

First of all, Webster County has a perfect weather the entire year with merely seven up to 10 rainy days. The lowest temperature in the place reaches up to 30 degrees during the morning. Nights are so wonderful in this part of the world, as you need not to wear jacket or sweat shirt constantly. There are also extra-long season for growing which gives you more opportunities to plant at least two crops annually. You can also bond with your families as you sit outside you backyard while your children play given the warm weather in Webster County.

Webster County also has numerous small towns that allow a lot of families to know one another and get together more frequently. For instance, the Geneva Park only has around 7000 people and most of them already know each other. There are like small cities in the County such as Placenta, Webster, Lindt, and Broa. Having a quite smaller community can enable you to socialize, make new friends and acquaintances, and attend a lot of social events.

The community of Webster County is highly family oriented that hosts a lot of sports events at all of the schools in the place in which parents attend to such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, and a whole lot more. There are also a number of golf courses in the area which golf enthusiasts would definitely enjoy.

The schools in Webster County are also the best in the country with students that achieve scores as high as 900. The community members are also God-fearing and spiritual as churches are built all over the place that caters to every kind of faith. These churches are always filled every Sunday.